Scepter Tower of Spellgard

Sneak Attack


The party walked into the Monastery of the Apprentice and talked to Yannick Joshtra, a minor human noble, that directed them to the Western Ramparts. They accepted but not before the halfling rouge “doinked” Millek the Thrush with a bluff of 23.

As they were walking they all made perception checks. Unfortunately they all sucked. This flavor text was read to them “The ruins seem quiet today… almost too quiet. But then the silence is broken by high pitched, guttural cries. Kobold ambush!”

The kobalds attacking entailed a Wyrmpreist, two Dragonshields, and four Skirmishers. The wyrmpreist used his ice breath, blast 3, hitting all of the party, freezing the swordmage. Then the skirmishes got in all flanking positions and bloodied the druid while dealing damage to the monk. The Druid, who decided he wanted to play a wizards instead di not give up a fight as the skirmishes attacked him. Unfortunately they were both marked and it was hard to do damage. The Dragonshields made a wall blocking access to the Wrympreist and threw spears from afar.

As the Druid went down he popped into three koala bears, symbolizing that he had three saving throws left. the first koala got decapitated. The second koala got decapitated as well but, pointed out by a player, the kobald need to roll a dexterity check to see if he cut off his penis. He failed. The final koala got trampled in the teiflings charge at the kobalds.

This player said he wanted to bring in his wizard “falling from the sky”. I refused. eventually the skirmishers were pushed back and the swordmage freed but it took several grueling rounds to break through the Dragonwalls to the Wrympreist.The encounter ended there.

As for the wizards it turned out the kobolds were holding him captive behind a wall.

The adventures once again set forth for the ramparts.



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