Hello friends this is a site that will help us keep track of the campaign

This is the first DnD group that i have run so far

This is my opening speel: You have come to Spellgard with a traveling caravan. Here is the fabled ruins of this once mighty home of The Sorceress of Saharelgard. The sorceress had become a lich to extend her life and beat death in a final hurrah. Through out history she has aided many an adventurer in his travels. Now she only appears rarely and it is only when a specific mortal searches her out in her ruins for a single question. Over the centuries since her transformation she has been reclusive and thus the fortress has been sacked with no one to guard it. Only the Scepter Tower in the middle of the Fortress has been untouched, spared by magic and Dark Creepers. This has led to kobolds and other scavengers to make their homes in this place. One of the most notorious being, the Were-rat guild that lives in the northern ramparts. You are now staying in the Monastery of The Precipice witch is strangely untouched by woes such as monsters. Only a handful of other people are here.

Scepter Tower of Spellgard